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Writers work very hard. We write. We tell stories. Then, we have to through the whole process of finding an agent, getting a publisher and just getting on the bookstore shelf.

I had the my book published before I ever found an agent. In fact, I got my agent because I got my book published. I had plans for other projects, etc and so on.

And then, me and the other writers at Tribe Literary got a message yesterday. No more agent. She was quitting and closing up shop. She certainly had good reasons, but it was a tough blow for me and my fellow writers.

So, as of yesterday, I no longer have an agent. One day, I’m going to write a book about my journey from scribbling writer, to book, to agent, to no agent and thinking about the future.

All my best to my former agent. I hope things work out for her. All my best to my fellow writers at Tribe and hope they find other agents soon.



A Section from The Dark Bride, Part one

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As a way to relaunch my blog, Bleak Landscapes, here is a chapter from Book Two of The Faithful series, The Dark Bride. I’ll post some more in the next few days.  All rights are reserved, so please don’t copy and past this to other blogs. Thanks.


“So, who is up for tromping around the old quarry tonight? Jen needs our help.”

Father Neal examined me with an appraising look. “Did she say why?”

I shrugged, “No, but it must be some sort of crime scene. She didn’t say it was a murder, and I think she would have told me.”

Darrin, “Well, let us not keep the lovely lady waiting, my lads, let us go forthwith…”

I shook my head, “Someone has been reading too much Shakespeare.

Darrin grinned, “Verily, good sir.”

We paid our bills and piled into my car. I turned the air conditioning full blast as the night hadn’t brought any relief from the head and humidity. We drove the few miles down Fifth Street to the old quarry.  As I turned on to the road, I saw Shroom mound rise above the quarry. I smiled as I thought about the picnics Jen and I have there because of the privacy. No one comes to the mound, so we can be with each other undisturbed for long periods of time.

Darrin noticed it as well, “Why does everything happened to us around mounds?”

Father Neal glanced up to the mound, “Because, mounds are places of power, didn’t you learn your lesson from the serpent mound?”

Darrin said, “I thought it was just that particular mound.”

Father Neal replied, “No,  all mounds are places of magick some more than others. There are some…..

Reg looked up, “Some are what?”

Father Neal smiled, “Well some might be paths to other worlds.”

Reg said, “You can’t be serious.”

Father Neal, “I am and you of all people would know its possible, Reg.”

At first, I couldn’t figure out what Father Neal was talking about, but then I remembered Reg’s study of alternate worlds in theoretical physics.  I reminded myself to ask Father Neal about this later.

We pulled up to the police cars and I rolled down my window as I motioned to a beefy uniformed cop with dark hair.

“Hey, Joe, I’m here to see Jen.”

“Hey, preacher, good to see you. How are things?

“Can’t complain, well, other than the heat.”

“Yeah, a bit ridiculous isn’t it? I move to Columbus from Florida to get away from this kind of soup.”

I smiled, “Is Jen waiting for us?”

Joe motioned down the road, “Go around the work station and you will come to a canyon. Park the car outside of the tape.”

I nodded, “Thanks Joe. Uh, what exactly are going to be seeing?

Joe paused and looked toward the canyon.

“I think you should see for yourself, Aidan.”

“Thanks Joe.”

I rolled up the window, “What in the world was that about? Joe actually looked scared.”

Father Neal’s hands gripped on his cane.

“Magick, Aidan.”

Reg, Darrin and I looked at him

‘What do you mean?”

Father Neal looked at me with a pained expression on his face.

Darrin leaned forward, ‘Good or bad, Father?”

Father Neal stared straight ahead as he answered, “We are about to find out.”

Walls of grey Ohio Limestone rose drew nearer to the car as we neared the entrance to the canyon.  Yellow “Police line-Do not Cross” tape had been stretched across the entrance to the canyon as two uniformed police officers stood guard.  We got out of the car and a rancid odor hit my nose that turned my stomach.

Darrin put his shirt over his nose, “What the heck is that smell?”

Father Neal stared grimly ahead, “It’s rotting flesh of some type. I’m hoping it’s not human.”

I nodded, unable to say anything.

As we walked up, the police officers raised the tape and didn’t even ask us questions. I waved to them and they pointed to a round cave like opening in the wall of rock.  As we walked to the opening, a hint of vanilla drifted through stench. Jen walked out of the tunnel to greet us.

“Hey, love….what’s going on?”

She kissed me on the cheek, “I’m not entirely sure. I really want Father Neal to see this.”

She gave Father Neal a hug, “hello, Father, I’m glad you are here. This one is….a bit unusual….

Darrin looked past Jen into the dark tunnel. The canyon inside illumined by large police lights.


Jen looked thoughtful, “No..but….welll. just come this way.

We talked through the small tunnel to the canyon. My first thought as I looked at the the stone walls were full of fossils and that I wished I had my rock hammer with me.

My next thought as we stepped out into the light was,

Christ have mercy.




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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for coming to this blog. It has been the home of my writing life, but this blog has reached the end of it’s usefulness.

The reason is because I’m going back to my old blog, The Thomas Society. For those who don’t know, it had been my happening blog to discuss atheist/Christian issues. Now, we are expanding The Thomas Society into a much larger discussion that will include my thoughts on writing and culture. But, I will be bringing other voices into the conversation.

So, head over to The Thomas Society. Things will really be ramping up after the first of the year….stay tuned……


Yay Kindle…Right??

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So, I just found out my new Kindle shipped today. I’m very excited. I have been wanting an e-reader for a long time.

Part of me feels a bit guilty. I mean, I have always loved books, real books, I mean. I love to touch, smell and handle a book. I love to underline significant passages. I love to see a well made book on my shelf.

And, to be honest, I never thought I would find myself getting an e-reader. I used to be one of those people that blanched in horror at the thought of reading a book in an e-format. It seemed like such a betrayal.

Part of my attitude was fueled by the e-book fanatics. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones who keep crowing in the media about how books will become extinct, e-books will completely take over the market, and no longer will you need to have books on your shelves. I don’t understand those people or their attitude. It just made (and still doesn’t) make any sense to me.

All of this made me avoid even thinking about getting an e-reader of any type. I took pride in my rebellion against the e-wave. I clutched on to my printed words the way my daughter clings to her security blanket. Then, I actually looked at a Kindle and I began to love it.

As you might imagine, it caused some psychological distress. How could I think of betraying my precious books? What was wrong with me? Had I gone over to the dark side?

Then, a quote from one of my favorite professors in seminary came back to me. He used to tell us that sometimes, a word had two meanings at once by saying, “sometimes, its not either/or, it’s both/and!”

That quote helped me solve my dilemma. I could have an e-reader and love printed books at the same time. They could both be precious to me. I can take my e-reader with me without lugging two or three books all over the place. I can take my printed book, a mug of tea and sit in a coffee house. I can do both. Even more, I can love both.

So, excuse me while I await the arrival of my Kindle as I underline things in my print book.

Wanna Discuss The Faithful? Post here!

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Hey Everyone,

People have been asking me where they can discuss The Faithful. Well, how about right here? Post comments in the comment section. I will try to answer any questions that I can.



Some Reflections on this weekend

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Book signings are tough. Most of the time, you sit around and smile at people. This video by Parnell Hall pretty much sums up the experience.

So, I had no idea what to expect as I ventured to Washington DC and Williamsburg this past weekend. As a history nerd, I couldn’t wait to visit both places. They have been high on my list for a long time. I figured, “well, at least I’ll get to see all this stuff I have always wanted to see”.

I got up at 2 in the morning to drive to DC, which is about seven hours from Columbus. I checked into my hotel and explored the town. Basically, I did a quick hit of things in the national mall. The Museum of American history, the GW monument, the Lincoln monument and the Vietnam monument all in a quick succession. I think the highlight had to be Ford’s theater, the place of Lincoln’s assassination. I grew up in Southern Indiana, so Lincoln had been (and still is) a hero.

After that, I made my way to Georgetown University for my book signing. To my surprise, the store manager told me they had had already sold four books before I got there. All throughout the late afternoon, I had a steady flow of customers and when it ended, I realized I had sold 20 books! If this doesn’t seem like a lot, keep in mind that the average is 5-10 for a book signing.

On Saturday, I made my way to Williamsburg. I got to see Yorktown and most of historic Williamsburg before I made my way to the College of William and Mary bookstore. The great thing about the bookstore is that it’s right in the middle of the Williamsburg action, so I had a steady stream of customers all day. Some stopped to chat, and I got to know some great people. At the end of the singing, I realized I had sold 17 books! So, if you are keeping track, I sold a total of 37 books for the weekend.

So, in all, I consider it a rousing success. On to St. Louis!!!


Announcing my new “Team”

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Well, here it is everyone, the big news that I have been promising for a long time.

As many of you know, I had a great agent named Wes Yoder for the pirate atheist book. Wes is a great guy and has been a huge help in my writing career. Through a series of circumstances beyond both our controls, we have decided to part ways. Wes is a fantastic agent and a great man. He took a struggling wanna be writer and turned me into something passable. Thanks, Wes.

So, with that, I announce my new agents, Jonathan Clements and Cari Foulk at Tribe Literacy and Wheelhouse Literary Group. I’m really excited about these two people. Jonathan and Cari actually work together with Tribe being a division of Wheelhouse. I just gave them a verbal commitment and things will get rolling around the first of the year. They will be taking the newly finished atheist book to publishers around that time. Also, they have agree to represent The Faithful in issues not related to my current contract with Brio. Basically, they have now become the guardians of my writing career.

As if that isn’t enough news for the evening, I’m also excited to announce a major publicity firm has agreed to represent me. PR By the Book has agreed to take over my publicity for the books. As all of you know, up to this point, myself and some good friends of mine have been largely responsible for the publicity of The Faithful. Elaine Krackau will be the client manager on the project. She will be dovetaling with what has already been worked on by my good friends Italia and Janet.

I continue to be blown away by getting what other authors dream about; publishing deal, agent, publicity firm. I feel utterly grateful to everyone who is taking a chance on me up to this point. I’m hoping it will pay off for everyone in the end.

It seems the book release is just the start….